How To Become A Certified Manufactured Home Appraiser

There are many appraisal schools that offer manufactured housing as real property and these can be very informative and beneficial courses. However, the appraiser looking for the competitive edge may want to consider a course that includes manufactured homes as personal property.

Through a partnership with NADAguides, the AARESC currently offers an authorized course certifying the appraiser with the MHV (Manufactured Housing Valuation) designation for manufactured homes as personal property. The course is offered online at and certification is offered upon completion of the entire course and final exam.

This information packed, self-paced course covers:

  • Chapter 1
    • History of the MH Industry
  • Chapter 2
    • Licensing requirements
    • Appraisal Foundation
    • USPAP
    • HUD FHA Title 1
  • Factory Tour
  • Chapter 3
    • Configurations/Floor Plans
    • Construction Overview
    • Comparing HUD & State Modular Coded Homes
    • HUD/State Modular Code Labels and Locations
    • Serial Numbers & HUD Data Plate Locations
    • Installation/Setup and Foundations
  • Chapter 4
    • NADAguides Cost Products Usage
  • Chapter 5
    • National Appraisal System Appraisal Process
    • What’s Needed for the Appraisal
    • Comparable Sale Collection & Analysis
    • Inspection
    • Reporting
  • Chapter 6
    • The 1004C Form (MH as Real Property)
  • Final Exam

The informative AARESC course is recommended for anyone looking to enter the personal property appraisal market or for individuals looking to increase their knowledge of manufactured housing. In addition, the MHV designation qualifies the appraiser to do HUD FHA Title 1 manufactured home repossession appraisals.

For currently certified MHV appraisers, the AARESC offers a “recertification course” to keep the practicing appraiser up to date with changes to the program. Recertification requires the self-paced online recertification course and passing grade on the recertification final exam and is required every three years through the AARESC.

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