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VIN Numbers

Where can I find a tool that can help me decode a VIN number?
NADAguides does not offer a VIN decoding application however you can visit our partner, Autocheck, and input a VIN to check the vehicle’s history.
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How can I get the manufacture date from my VIN number?
The VIN of a vehicle can only tell a person in what sequence a vehicle was manufactured, not when the vehicle was actually built.
When I decode my VIN #, my specific trim level is not coming up. Why is this?
On many vehicles the VIN cannot be decoded to a particular trim level.
Does the VIN number tell you which options are on a vehicle?
The VIN does not tell what options are on a vehicle outside of the engine size and few other components. Items like leather, sunroofs, and stereos are not detailed by the VIN on about 99% of all vehicles.