NADAguides FAQ

NADAguides Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have a guide for Horse Trailers or Utility Trailers?
We have Horse Trailers listed on our Recreation Vehicle portion of the site as long as they have living quarters built into the trailer itself (they are listed with the travel trailers/fifth wheel trailers). If it is just a horse or utility trailer, then we do not have a valuation guide for it. To find a value for your Horse/Utility Trailer search your local classifieds or the Internet to try and find something comparable and use that as a guideline.
Where can I find values on Commercial Trucks (e.g. Kenworth, Mack, Peterbilt, etc.)?
At this time, we do not offer commercial vehicle values on our website We do have online values for Commercial Trucks and other publications at For more information or to place an order for the ATD / NADA Official Commercial Truck guide, please call (800) 544-6232 or email [email protected]
When selecting optional equipment for my RV during the pricing/valuation process, do I select standard equipment as well?
No. You only need to select the options/features of your recreation vehicle on the Optional Equipment page that did not come standard on your vehicle (unless otherwise noted) and that were added after the purchase. Standard equipment is specific to your model/trim level and NADAguides will automatically factor this into the price of your vehicle on the price report page. It is important to note that standard and optional equipment may vary between manufacturers. Visit the RV Center for all your RV needs.
Do you have van conversion pricing and information?
Van Conversion data for 1994-2015 is available in the RV CONNECT product. For access to this pricing and information please visit our product store.