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Private Party Sales

When purchasing a vehicle from a private party, can the clean retail price be used to determine the value they expect to receive? What is the definition of each valuation?
There is no right answer to this. The spread of values allows a user to look at all possible values depending on the condition of the vehicle. If you mouse over the value term, each value has a brief definition regarding what that value represents related to the condition of the vehicle. These values are based upon the condition of the vehicle, mileage, vehicle history and local market conditions; they are in no way related to reports of Private Party sales which are only speculative with little or no data to back it up. Public perception is that private sales result in a higher sale price which is not always true, especially now that dealers offer certified pre-owned vehicles. Keep in mind also that a dealer may mention the term consumer retail, which is merely a blended value of all the National data we collect. It is only provided to dealers as a guide.