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NADAguides Frequently Asked Questions

What types of values are available?
"If it rolls or floats, we value it!" On the website you will find values for: Note: For Highline Exotic models such as Ferrari, Lotus, Rolls-Royce, Hummer, etc., please see the Classic, Collectible, Exotic, and Muscle Car section at the Classic Cars Research Center. If you are interested in a value on a Commercial Truck please call (800)544-6232 or email [email protected].
How do I obtain a FREE value?

Obtaining an accurate FREE value is very easy. Simply go to and follow these steps: First, select the industry tab from which you are interested in obtaining a value, i.e. Automobiles, Boats, etc.

For Automobiles: (1) Click 'Start Here' Button; (2) Select the Make; (3) Select the Model Year; (4) Select your Model and click on the appropriate Trim. Check the appropriate options and enter mileage (if applicable) and then click "Continue." Your value will appear on this page.

For Motorcycles, RVs, or Boats: (1) Click 'Start Here' Button; (2) Click on the Manufacturer of the vehicle; (3) Click on the year of the vehicle you are valuing; (4) Click on the model of the vehicle you are valuing; (5) Check the appropriate options for this model and click "Continue." Your value will appear on this page.

The first time I logged on to I was asked to enter my ZIP code, why didn't it ask me the next time I logged onto the site?
Your ZIP code is for demographic purposes only. It is stored so that you do not have to continually enter it each time you visit our site. It does not affect the value of your vehicle. Values on the web site are national averages only.
What do I do if I still have questions?
As the leader in the used vehicle valuation industry, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality market-reflective products and services possible. If you require assistance of any kind or would like to give us your feedback, please email [email protected].
I have seen ads for some new vehicles that you do not have listed on the site, when do you update the site with new pricing? updates new car information as soon as it is available from the manufacturer. Once the information is released, market/data analysts compile and verify the information. Be aware that manufacturers may advertise a new model before pricing has been released. For new car reviews, to compare models side-by-side, obtain invoice pricing, calculate loan or lease payments, and much more visit the Automotive Research Center located on the home page.
What does "N/A" mean when it appears in a vehicle pricing report?
The "N/A" appearing in a vehicle pricing report means that pricing information was not available at that time. We recommend you revisit periodically for vehicle pricing updates.
What does the asterisk mean after the model?
Information following an asterisk will be different for each manufacturer. An explanation of what each asterisk means can be found under the manufacturer's heading or it will appear after you click on the model. Not all manufacturers will have asterisks or notes under their heading.
The trade-in values from your site, as well as other resources, are within the same price range; however when I went to the dealership the value they placed on my vehicle was not even close to the values I obtained online. Why is this?
All valuation sources are a guide only and provide general values for the market. NADAguides has been valuing vehicles for over 75 years and our editors review over one million actual transactions each month. The NADAguides values are used through-out the industry by lenders, dealers, insurance companies, consumers, and many State and local government authorities. Dealers are independent businesses and are free to place any value they think is correct on any vehicle. Circumstances are different in every dealership, and there are many things taken into consideration when a vehicle is valued. The mileage, condition, both mechanical and cosmetic, vehicle history, local market conditions (supply and demand) and even in some cases the color of the vehicle are taken into consideration when placing a value a vehicle. Dealers want to sell vehicles and create customers, but at times perception and actual value are not close to each other.
Why are there advertisements on your site?

The advertisements you see on our website allow us to provide our visitors with unlimited free access to our vehicle information, pricing, shopping tools and resources. We make every attempt to ensure that these advertisements do not interrupt your experience on

We have specific guidelines for the advertisers on our website to ensure that we do not mislead visitors. Most advertisements will prove to be relevant to the content that is on a particular page.

If you have any concerns, questions or feedback, please email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you.

What is your criteria is to classify a vehicle into a certain class/category? For example, how do you classify a vehicle as a small or midsize car? Or how would you classify a small SUV vs. a large SUV?
Vehicle classification is a combination of government and private organizations attempting to make some sense of the vehicles that are sold. Typically classification is a combination of vehicle type, price, and size. That’s what we attempt to do when we use our own classification system.