NADAguides FAQ

NADAguides Frequently Asked Questions


What is the typical mileage cutoff that NADAguides provides values for?
To mirror current market conditions and to provide consumers with the information necessary to make market reflective value adjustments, mileage valuations and pricing is provided for vehicles with mileage/odometer readings up to 250,000 miles.
What is the acceptable mileage range and how do I adjust for mileage falling outside of this range?
The Acceptable Mileage Range is the amount of mileage an automobile is expected to accumulate through normal use. NADAguides bases its mileage ranges on averages derived from information received from the automotive marketplace. If mileage falls outside of the acceptable range, then a deduction or addition should be made to the value of the vehicle. How much is up to you. The effect of high or low mileage will vary according to the class (size) of the vehicle. High or low mileage on a compact vehicle will have less impact than it will on a larger or luxury vehicle. In certain situations, mileage can be misleading. It is possible to have either a high mileage vehicle in very good condition or a low mileage vehicle in very poor condition. In these cases, the overall condition of the vehicle should also be considered when adjusting the vehicle value.