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NADAguides Frequently Asked Questions

Kelley Blue Book

Are you affiliated with Kelley Blue Book?
While our vehicle value guides are often referred to as the "NADA blue book," we are not affiliated with Kelley Blue Book. The term "blue book" is a generic term that has been used for years to describe a periodically issued price list. Consequently, the term "blue book" has become synonymous with vehicle valuation guides. The yellow and blue NADA value guide books offer pricing for automobiles, motorcycles, classic cars, boats, recreation vehicles and much, much more. Click here for used car pricing.
I have noticed some significant price differences between Kelley Blue book and NADAguides. The NADAguides values seem to be consistently lower. Why are they different?
We cannot speak on behalf of other guide valuation companies; however, our editors review over one million sales transactions per month to help support our valuation numbers. These transactions come from many sources and depict actual sales both retail and wholesale. Because of how our values are created and the volume of data we review, NADAguides Values are used across all segments including consumers, dealers, lenders, government tax authorities and insurance companies. All values are only a guide and prices will always be above or below the guide values for vehicles. The overall condition, mileage, history and local supply and demand contribute to the asking price of each vehicle.