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Car Options

Why aren't the options for my vehicle listed?
NADAguides only attempts to quantify options that we believe add real value to a vehicle. There are hundreds of thousands of possible options in the used market for which we make no value distinction. That is not to say that because an option is not specifically mentioned by NADAguides it does not add value to a particular vehicle, it simply means that NADAguides makes no attempt to quantify its value.
Why do I see options listed that do not apply to my vehicle? Example: I have a 1957 Bel Air 2 Dr Convertible. Why do I have the option to select "Add-Corvette Both Tops"?
Unfortunately, due to programming limitations we cannot specify which options appear for each individual car. Therefore, we list the most popular options for vehicles within in a particular manufacturer for a particular year. It is not broken down further than that.
Why can't I find the value of my car based upon a conversion, specific engine or option such as rear back-up system with camera?
All of our data is VIN driven, meaning all transactions are represented by the vehicle VIN. Special option packages and features cannot be determined by VIN alone. For current year models, our editors classify some engines under one umbrella such as V-6 or V-8 simply because the vehicle is newer and have not been valued for a long enough period yet. Our editors are constantly adding options and revising values to reflect these options. When a vehicle is a year or less old, there is a lack of data to support an accurate added value and options such as the back-up system with camera cannot be identified when decoding the VIN, so tracking the value is very difficult. It takes at least one year to collect data so that our editors can properly value a vehicle with these newer options. Sun roofs are a perfect example of an option that still is not coded in a vehicle VIN, so it took our editors some time to properly add this option and its value to the vehicle. Also, if you are looking up an older car model and cannot find a specific option for that vehicle such as leather seats, it's usually because the dealership added that option, not the manufacturer. Sometimes options can add or deduct value depending on the year of the model. With regard to conversions, we do not provide consumers with conversion values because they differ in value from one company to the next. There is not an MSRP value available. We only publish values for dealers, lenders and insurance companies when dealing with modified vans.
Why do some vehicles have engine and/or feature package options missing?
NADAguides valuates vehicles and our editors determine if an option adds value. If there is virtually no price difference when it was new, there is no additional value as used. In some cases one option may be worth more because of condition and mileage. If the production numbers were small/limited for the vehicle that included the option you are looking for, it does not affect the vehicle value which is what the NADAguides values represent. Our editors review over one million total transactions each month to produce the NADAguides values, and if there had been a significant difference it would have been displayed as an addition. In some cases, feature or appearance packages are a regional offering and was not offered nationwide. As a result, NADAguides makes no attempt to track sales or value that specific vehicle package.
Is it reasonable to add for leather option if the leather is synthetic?
Our add for leather was in intended for true leather, the hide of a cow, not synthetic leather no matter how good a manufacturer may be in reproducing the look and feel of the genuine article