2019 Audi A6 Preview

  • All-new, eighth-generation Audi A6 midsize sedan
  • Information released is European specification, but the U.S.-spec car is certain to be similar
  • Includes many of the technology features and styling characteristics that are seen in the also redesigned Audi A7 and Audi A8
  • Standard mild-hybrid drivetrain and quattro all-wheel drive
  • Expected to be in U.S. showrooms in late 2018

The Audi A6 has never been a showy vehicle, slotting between the tour-de-force Audi A8 and the ubiquitous A4 in the automaker’s lineup, but it usually benefits from most of the technology and luxury that goes into its big brother while simultaneously distinguishing itself from its little sibling by offering roomier digs and a more dignified presence.

For 2019, the A6 is completely redesigned, and as is customary, is packed to the gills with the latest performance, safety, and technology upgrades from Audi.

Exterior Features
If you’ve seen the Audi A4, or really, any current Audi, you’ll be pretty familiar with the looks of the new A6. It’s rendered with a slightly crisper appearance, though, and features headlights that evoke those of the A8. You can get wheels sized up to 21 ins. in diameter.

Interior Features
The new A6’s cabin features horizontally oriented visual cues that extend across the dashboard and into the door panels; few curves are evident.

Like every Audi, the new A6 will likely supply sumptuous furnishings and fine materials. Audi says that the new A6 increases passenger space for everyone, too. You’ll notice in the accompanying pictures that the Multi-Media Interface now features a pair of touch screens as well as available digital instrumentation.

Optional Features
The available Air Quality option package gives you two fragrance choices, while a panoramic sunroof brings the outdoors in. Two interior lighting packages await to infuse more atmosphere into your evening drive via ambient lighting and the contour lighting. The latter gives you 30 different color choices. A head-up display will also be available, as is Audi’s Virtual Cockpit technology, which digitizes the instrumentation and allows you to personalize the display.

Under the Hood
Globally, Audi will introduce the new A6 with two engine choices. They’re both 3.0-liter V-6 engines, but one is gas-powered while the other is diesel.

Stateside, we will only get the turbocharged gas engine, which makes 340 horsepower and is mated to a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. Audi says that it should accelerate this sedan from a standstill to 60 mph in about 5 seconds flat, and every 2019 A6 will come standard with quattro all-wheel drive.

A mild-hybrid system is also standard equipment. It utilizes a Lithium-ion battery and belt alternator starter that allows the A6 to coast with the gas engine shut off when traveling between 34 and 99 mph. Additionally, when decelerating, it allows the engine start/stop function to activate when the car dips below 14 mph. In traffic, it can instantly restart the engine when it senses that the vehicle in front is moving again. All in all, it should make the new A6 more fuel-efficient.

The A6 also boasts a new vehicle structure composed of a mix of light, high-strength steel and aluminum. A dynamic all-wheel-steering system is new for 2019, allowing the rear wheels to turn up to 5 degrees in the same, or opposite, direction from the front wheels for enhanced maneuverability in both low- and high-speed situations.

Audi gives A6 buyers the choice of four suspension setups: conventional, sport, damper control, and adaptive air suspension.

Audi will offer a City Assist option package that features a new crossing-assist function, while the Tour Assist package integrates lane centering with adaptive cruise control. All of the active safety technologies rely on a mix of five radar sensors, five cameras, 12 ultrasonic sensors, and a laser scanner.

At the top of the dashboard, a 10.1-in. touch-screen infotainment display is standard. Below that is an available 8.6-in. touch screen with haptic feedback and handwriting-recognition technology. When this upgrade is specified, drivers use this smaller display to operate the climate controls and can perform other interactions by drawing commands with a finger.

Globally, Audi will offer the new A6 with Parking Pilot/Garage Pilot technology. Using this, the car’s owner can command the car to pull itself out of a parking space or a garage with a smartphone app. It is not clear if this will be offered in the United States.

Audi also didn’t say whether the A6’s new Connect Key service will be available to Americans. It can basically replace your key fob with your Android phone; you can use it to perform all the functions that your key would.

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