Why Are Trucks So Expensive?

Every year, the car market in America changes and grows as new consumer trends push the automotive industry to produce new options. Where sedans were once king for families, SUVs and crossovers are now the hottest trends.

Where things have seen constant growth and improvement is within the truck sector. New trucks with more power, greater comfort, and increased safety are coming out every model year. However, one thing that consumers keep wondering and coming back to is why are trucks so expensive?

What Makes Trucks So Popular?

Trucks have seen a drastic rise in popularity as they now become a popular vehicle for rural and suburban life alike. The raw power they offer combined with often spacious interiors and excellent storage options is making them the new version of a minivan for some families. 

Trucks have been getting much more reliable and easier to drive which all leads to them becoming more popular. Despite the rising popularity of trucks, finding out why trucks are so expensive is still an elusive question to try and answer. Let’s look at the truck options on the current market and see what features you can get that are affecting the rising price of trucks. 

What Types of Trucks Are Available?

Heavy Duty 

When you need to tow anything with a trailer, you want as much power and grunt as money can buy. This new push to tow heavy objects like RVs and boats has led to the increased offerings in the heavy-duty truck category. If power and pulling heavy cargo is your top priority, this could be the truck style for you. 

Heavy-duty trucks are classified by their above-average towing capacities and larger engine size. Where most trucks can tow somewhere around 7,00 pounds, a heavy-duty truck can tow anywhere up to around 20,000 pounds. This is a substantial amount of towing power that allows the heavy-duty truck segment to be ideal for those who value towing power above all else. 

Full Size

As the name suggests, the full-size truck is going to be a larger truck that is designed for higher seating capacity and solid towing capabilities. Often seating around six passengers, full-size trucks are popular among families who want a lot of passenger space but also need the larger bed size and towing capacities for other purposes. 

Regular Cab

Despite their decreasing popularity for buyers, single cab trucks are what started it all and still have a place in many truck owner’s driveways. These trucks are distinct as they just have one set of doors and a single row of seats that can only hold up to three people. 

This style of truck is less popular now as trucks move to become more comfortable for families and less needed for sheer work potential. The smaller bed size of these trucks is also not ideal for what many people need. 

Extended Cab 

Bridging the gap between regular and crew cab trucks we have the extended cab option. Instead of having just one or two sets of full-sized doors, many extended cab trucks will have your standard front doors alongside a set of suicide doors in the back that are smaller and open backward. 

Extended cabs are interesting as they offer more space for additional passengers in the back but don’t have the full-size features that a crew cab offers. If you occasionally need to carry more than three people and want some additional back seats, an extended cab could be perfect for you. 

Crew Cab 

Our last primary truck style that people are really starting to purchase in high volumes is the crew cab truck. Crew cans are immediately recognizable by their four full-sized doors and a generally shorter bed. For the family that wants a truck and still wants the benefits of having a bed, the crew cab is a great way to get into trucking. 

Crew cabs are quickly becoming the default options for trucks, as most families love a large amount of passenger space and don’t need the full-sized bed that other truck types offer. 

Features That Affect Pricing

Towing Capabilities 

Understanding why trucks are so expensive nowadays can all come back to new features and options that are making them more diverse than ever before. When it comes to towing capabilities, new trucks shine as serious towing machines that can also fit right in in the family driveway. 

Smarter and more efficient engines mean that trucks can produce more torque with less effort that makes them both more fuel-efficient and able to tow heavier payloads. Many newer trucks can tow well over 10,000 pounds without even breaking a sweat. The higher power trucks now come with is part of why their prices are higher. 

Safety and Technology 

It is hard to put a price tag on safety, but modern truck manufacturers have gotten close. Modern cars, in general, are much safer than cars made just a decade previously. As new technology and design elements are making a crash more of an inconvenience than a death sentence. 

Things like blind spot indicators, reverse cameras, braking assistance, and so much more are all becoming standard features in most trucks. Trucks are becoming more technologically advanced too as you can connect your phone to your truck and have it become part of your driving experience. 


The last factor that affects the price you can be looking to pay is the overall size of the truck. The size of the truck can be broken down into both the size of the engine and the actual size of the truck. For example, a truck that comes with a V6 engine and is just a regular cab will be far less expensive than a crew cab with a high-powered V8.

The larger the truck and the more powerful the engine the higher the price becomes. When you consider these factors, the questions of why are trucks so expensive start to answer themselves.