What is Safe Exit Assist?

HyundaiGenesis, and Kia have made safety a priority in their product offerings in recent years. Despite being different subsidiaries of parent Hyundai Motor Company, the closely related automakers share technologies and powertrains, including safety tech. One innovative feature recently implemented in the Korean automakers’ vehicles is called Safe Exit Assist. This technology can prevent back-seat passengers from opening the door when an unseen car or cyclist is approaching.

Safe Exit Assist Hyundai Sonata Cyclist

How Does Safe Exit Assist Work? - Find the best car deals!

“Are we there yet?” Kids, being kids, love to hop out of the vehicle as quickly as possible after arriving at the destination and move onto the next activity, but that’s not always safe. But to be fair to the little ones, it’s not always them doing the hopping. When the car is parked on the street or in a parallel spot, oncoming traffic can sneak up out of nowhere, endangering the person exiting the vehicle and the vehicle door.

Safe Exit Assist uses radar to detect oncoming traffic and physically prevent the door from being opened if the system senses danger. It will also sound a chime as an alert. Once the other vehicle has passed, the system will allow the passenger to open the door. Safe Exit Assist works whether the car is running or not.

The system is notable for its non-vehicle safety sensing capabilities as well. Open car doors can badly injure cyclists, and the Safe Exit Assist system can detect them to prevent an unnecessary collision.

Which Models Feature Safe Exit Assist? - Find the best car deals!

Hyundai, Genesis, and Kia currently offer the feature in several models, either as standard or available features:

It’s worth noting that some models get the feature as standard tech, while others require purchasing a higher trim level or option package.

What Other Safety Features Are There? - Find the best car deals!

Many Hyundai/Genesis/Kia models come with a host of advanced safety features beyond Safe Exit Assist. They include:

Summary - Find the best car deals!

If you have kids or regularly transport passengers in the back seat of your vehicle, Safe Exit Assist could prove to be one of the more valuable safety features available. While your new Hyundai, Genesis, or Kia comes with a myriad of other safety technologies designed to help you avoid collisions and prevent serious injuries if one does happen, few operate when the vehicle is parked or not running at all. Even if there are no injuries, opening a car door into traffic rarely works out well for anyone involved and can significantly damage both vehicles.