What is Hyundai Owner Assurance?

New vehicles, regardless of automaker, tout a higher level of quality, durability, and reliability. And to provide car buyers with additional shopping confidence, warranty limits have increased to match this advertised vehicle longevity and dependability.

Hyundai Owner Assurance service details

Hyundai, for example, offers the best new-car warranty in the U.S. It includes 5-year, 60,000-mile bumper-to-bumper coverage and a whopping 10-year (or 100,000-mile) guarantee on the powertrain. Corporate sibling Kia offers the same, but Hyundai’s warranty goes even further with unlimited-mile offerings for roadside assistance and rust perforation warranties. Kia’s maxes out at 60,000 and 100,000 miles, respectively.

“America’s Best Warranty” isn’t the only thing new Hyundai owners receive. Hyundai Owner Assurance, which isn’t the same as Hyundai Assurance (but more on that later), is the umbrella term for the brand’s collection of ownership services. Included with every new Hyundai lease or purchase, this package includes the aforementioned warranty, roadside assistance, Blue Link connected services, complimentary maintenance, Car Care Express rapid servicing, and Hyundai Assurance.

Below is a brief summary of what each Hyundai Owner Assurance service entails:

America’s Best Warranty includes not only everyday vehicle coverage, such as for the powertrain, but also covers parts, accessories, emissions, and battery life (in the case of hybrid and electric vehicles). Based on vehicle model year, the Hyundai warranty also may be transferable to subsequent owners. A full breakdown of coverages can be found here.

Hyundai Roadside Assistance provides access to 24-hour assistance for up to five years. The coverage is for unlimited miles and includes towing, trip interruption help, and enhanced roadside assistance. To request that last feature, owners push a button located on the rearview mirror. An extension of Blue Link connected services, the feature eliminates the vehicle location guesswork.

Blue Link is a connected car program and is complimentary for the first three years of ownership. Like other app-based automaker platforms, Hyundai’s Blue Link includes features like remote engine start, door lock controls, vehicle diagnostics, plug-in hybrid/EV charging management, a vehicle location finder, an SOS/panic button, a dealership service scheduler, and customizable settings like boundary geofencing and curfew alerts for secondary drivers. Blue Link is compatible with a variety of smart devices, and works in conjunction with an owner’s MyHyundai dashboard.

Hyundai Complimentary Maintenance covers regular service visits, such as oil changes and tire rotations, at factory-scheduled intervals for three years or 36,000 miles—whichever comes first. With Car Care Express (at participating dealers), Hyundai pledges speedy basic services by factory-trained technicians, using original parts and performed in updated facilities, to enhance convenience and give owners peace of mind when taking a vehicle in for service.

Hyundai Assurance is a consumer protection program that is offered during times of unprecedented national crisis. The first of its kind, Hyundai Assurance was introduced in 2009 during the U.S. recession as a buyback program. New-car buyers and lessees who involuntary lost their job within the first year of purchase could return the vehicle with no further financial obligation, up to a depreciation amount of $7,500.

In 2020, during the novel coronavirus pandemic, Hyundai relaunched the program to offer deferred payments of up to three months for existing owners and up to six months for new-car buyers.