What is HondaLink? What HondaLink Plans are Available?

HondaLink is a connected services technology that creates a link between a Honda model and its owner’s smartphone. Some aspects of HondaLink are free, but some require a paid HondaLink Services subscription following a short no-cost trial period.

JDPA_HondaLink App on Smartphone Remote Engine Starting

Honda owners can access HondaLink functions using a smartphone app. Selected HondaLink features include remote engine starting, automatic collision notification, a car finder, and Key by Amazon in-car package delivery. HondaLink can also notify owners when service is due and when recalls are issued, and provide access to digital owner’s manuals and roadside assistance.

HondaLink availability and plans vary by vehicle, so be sure to check Honda’s official compatibility tool to determine what you can get for the Honda you’re considering. Generally speaking, HondaLink’s basic functions are offered on all new Hondas, while HondaLink Services are typically found on the higher trim levels of vehicles equipped with the latest infotainment systems from the automaker.

If you’re wondering what HondaLink plans are available, we’ve outlined them here:

  • Basic – Complimentary

You’ll get recall notifications, service appointment reminders, and access to roadside assistance with the basic HondaLink service.

  • Link – Complimentary

Remotely check current vehicle mileage, remaining fuel range, and oil life using the smartphone app, and receive maintenance reminders when its time for service. If the Honda has a navigation system, you can search for a destination on your smartphone and send the location from the app to the navigation system before departure.

  • Security – 12 months complimentary, $89/year thereafter

If the Honda model is compatible with extra-cost HondaLink services and you’ve selected the right trim level, the HondaLink Security Plan includes automatic collision notification. This feature activates following a collision, putting a live person in touch with the vehicle to check on you and to request help from emergency responders if necessary. This plan also includes emergency calling, enhanced roadside assistance, and more.

  • Remote – 3 months complimentary, $110/year thereafter

With HondaLink Remote, you’ll get safe teen driver programmable features related to vehicle speed and geographic boundaries. A vehicle locator is also useful if your Honda is in the possession of your teen driver, has been stolen, or simply when you’ve forgotten where you parked. You’ll also be able to remote start your Honda’s engine, remotely lock and unlock the vehicle. This plan also offers Amazon Alexa integration and Key by Amazon In-Car Delivery. That last feature allows Amazon delivery drivers to place packages inside your car to ward off package theft. 

  • Concierge – 3 months complimentary, $260/year thereafter

HondaLink Concierge provides personalized concierge services for hotel, restaurant, and airline reservations, and will send confirmation and navigation services to your Honda. This package includes Remote services.

Hondas using older technologies, such as the Ridgeline pickup truck, offer access to the Basic and Link plans. Other features like Driver Feedback, where the HondaLink app rates your driving performance, are available only on selected vehicles, such as the Honda Accord. In the Clarity plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, HondaLink allows you to search for charging stations. 

Bottom line? If you want your Honda to come equipped with a specific HondaLink feature, like Key by Amazon In-Car Delivery, make sure you do your research on the specific vehicles and trim levels that offers the desired service. 

Honda is the source of information for this article. It was accurate on March 8, 2021, but it may have changed since that date. Be sure to confirm with Honda current details regarding HondaLink plan availability, trial periods, and subscription pricing.