Volkswagen Dealerships Utilize Loaner Fleet for Delivery Services

Volkswagen and its network of dealerships are supporting local communities by offering free delivery services for a multitude of tasks—from delivering medical equipment to areas in need to bringing essential items to residents unable to leave their homes. The program is called Community Driven Atlas, with a focus on the automaker’s updated 2021 Volkswagen Atlas family-sized SUV.

Volkswagen Dealerships Utilize Loaner Fleet for Delivery Services

As the coronavirus crisis developed and led to a staggering number of regional lockdowns, some dealerships had already taken it upon themselves to repurpose their fleet of loaner vehicles for delivery and pick-up services. Seeing the positive impact on a localized level, Volkswagen of America this week announced its nationwide encouragement of the program by supporting its dealer groups’ efforts with a daily per-vehicle stipend to cover fuel and lease costs.

Each “Dealer Response Team” will consist of a dealership-employed driver and a vehicle. “Community Driven” branding will make the vehicles easily identifiable and is a nod to what now appears to be Volkswagen’s umbrella term for COVID-19-related initiatives. The “Community-Driven Promise,” for example, is the automaker’s payment assistance program, which was announced earlier this month.

Volkswagen has more than 600 dealerships in the U.S. with a combined loaner fleet of almost 7,000 vehicles. All delivery requests will continue to be approved directly by the dealership and are subject to availability. And dealerships are advised to follow local, state, and federal health recommendations to maintain the safety of their employees and program participants.