Renting A Party Bus: 10 Tips to Find the Perfect Match

Perfect for transporting families, guests, and friends to weddings, bachelor & bachelorette parties, concerts, and sporting events, party buses make for a fun and care-free ride. Riders get to indulge in merrymaking and enjoy a drink or two without having to worry about who will drive them back home. 

Renting a party bus – especially, for beginners – is not very simple. With the right tips, however, choosing both the best bus and best experience becomes easier. In this guide, Limo Find will show you how to rent a party bus. 

Tips on How to Rent A Party Bus

1. Secure the Party Bus in Advance

Featuring increasing popularity, party buses are being sought out by an increasing number of people. If you are renting a party bus for a public event – say, a concert or a sporting event – there is a chance that other attendees have a similar idea. 

By booking your party bus early enough, you can get the best party bus. Also, by booking your bus before the demand goes up – this happens as the date for the public event nears – you get to enjoy a competitive rental cost. 

2. Check the Capacity

While party buses fit a fixed number of passengers, it is not uncommon for extra people to suddenly want to join the party at the last minute. Before deciding on a party bus, you must figure out the maximum number of people who will be riding in the vehicle. 

For ideal results, rent a party bus capable of fitting at least a few extra passengers. In addition to having enough room for confirmed passengers, you can fit additional last-minute party goers. 

3. Ensure You Are Getting What You Are Paying for

Most party bus companies are taking advantage of the internet to make renting a party bus much easier. Through online booking, you can book your party bus while seated at home. 

When booking a party bus online, you should take all the necessary steps to confirm that you will get exactly what you need. Start with checking the party bus pictures. If the pictures do not provide all the details you need, contact the party bus company – this should help you get answers to all your questions. 

4. Plan Your Destinations

In most cases, a party bus rental will make multiple stops in a single trip. For example, if you are heading to a concert, you may want to stop for dinner along the way. 

When renting a party bus, your driver will need to know about all your stops. This will allow him/her to plan the entire trip in a way that helps you arrive safely and on time. 

5. Get a Contract

Ask your party bus rental company to provide a contract with the expected fee listed clearly. Once you get the contract, read it carefully, and ensure you agree with all the terms before signing it. After signing, keep a copy for reference. 

The last thing you – and the guests – would want is to discover hidden fees that you need to settle after you have already committed. By requesting a clear quote in advance, you will know what to expect. This should help you avoid nasty surprises that may end up ruining your fun. 

6. Divide the Costs in Advance

When renting a party bus, organizers often plan on dividing the expected costs among all paying the passengers. If you get your quote in advance, determining the fee that each member has to pay should be easy. 

Most party bus companies will require an upfront deposit – for this reason, you will need to be prepared. If you intend to split the costs, focus on getting the money before the final payment is due – this should help you avoid being shorted by your guests at the last minute. 

7. Decide on Refreshments

Part of the fun of hiring a party bus is starting your party before arriving at the event. Check with your chosen company to learn about its offerings and policies for foods and beverages. 

If every member on your team is above the legal drinking age – this means over 21 years in the United States – alcohol shouldn’t be a problem. However, if your guests can’t drink alcohol, ask your party bus provider to stock non-alcoholic beverages. For a party bus carrying under-age passengers, you may need 1 or 2 chaperones to ensure that they do not consume alcohol. 

8. Consider Your Music Taste

Music makes every party come to life. For this reason, look for a party bus that favors your taste for music. 

Most party buses will have satellite radio installed in them. However, your group may prefer to bring its music on a mix CD or an iPod. You will want to discuss this preference in advance with your party bus provider. 

9. Use a Reputable Company

When learning how to rent a party bus, one thing you need to understand is that your safety starts with the party bus company you choose to work with. Research your chosen company online and check third-party review sites. See if people who have already used the company are complaining about unsafe buses or drivers who do not follow rules on the road. 

Research the company’s driver hiring policies. Ensure the drivers have all the necessary licensing and plenty of experience driving buses. Also, ask about the company’s insurance and safety records. 

10. Understand the Overtime Charges

Party buses are fun – for this reason, you may end up spending more time in the vehicle than you had initially planned for. This means that you may need to spend some extra money on overtime charges. Understanding how a company charges for the overtime can help you factor the extra charges into your cost-splitting plan. 

Limo Find Overview

Keeping the entire group together, party buses improve the traveling experience for guests, families, and friends. With refreshments, good music, and stories flowing throughout the trip, no one can get bored. 

To get your money’s worth and keep everyone safe, you need to know how to rent a party bus. From ensuring your chosen party bus has the right capacity to confirming that the company does not have hidden fees, this guide has all the tips you will need when renting a party bus.