How To Remove Water Spots From Your Car

Nothing looks quite as nice as your car after a fresh wash. The car glimmers as the sun hits it just right and it looks brand new. However, there seem to be these small little spots that are taking away from the otherwise great looking finish. These pesky little blemishes are known as water spots. Let’s look into what water spots are and how to remove water spots from car paint with ease. 

What Causes Water Spots On a Car After Washing?

Water spots come to be after your car has been washed or rained on and can take away from an otherwise clean looking finish. To understand what causes these spots, we need to understand water itself. Despite looking clear and natural, most water particles actually have small traces of other compounds inside their droplets.

When water evaporates after being in the sun, the water is removed from the surface. However, that stuff that was inside the water droplets is left behind where it turns into water spots on your car. This leftover compound is easy to remove when the water has just evaporated, but they can turn into very hard to remove water spots if they are not taken care of quickly. Let’s see how you can go about removing water spots if they happen to form on your car. 

4 Ways To Remove Water Spots From a Car

Wash The Car

The first and most obvious way to remove these water spots from your car is to simply wash it. While many people think washing a car is easy and can just be done without much thought, this is why their cars are covered in water spots. 

You want to make sure the conditions are right by making sure you are using a bucket for clean and a bucket for dirty water so you don’t risk putting dirty water back on your car. Additionally, you want to wash your car out of direct sunlight so that the water spots have a less likely chance to form in the first place. 

Where the washing is most important is actually with the drying potion. Use smooth towels to thoroughly dry the car and don’t let water evaporation do all the work. 

Use Vinegar

If you want a bit of a chemistry lesson while you clean your car, vinegar can be a great way to remove water spots. The low pH value of vinegar reacts with the high pH value of the calcium deposits that cause the water spots and effectively removes them from your car. 

Unlike when you want to wash the whole car, vinegar should just be used to remove small patches of water spots at once. Vinegar solutions are rather strong, so make sure you reapply wax or sealant to your car after cleaning with this product. 

Water Spot Remover Products 

When you want a surefire way to get rid of those pesky water spots, many companies have created their own formulations designed specifically to deal with the issue. These cleaners use specially formulated compounds that allow the cleaner to target and remove the water spots.

These cleaners are also usually safe to use on other surfaces, so you can use them to get water spots off of many things. Before using cleaners on the entire car, try it out in a small area to make sure it does not damage or harm your paint finish. 

Clay Removers 

Clay bars are something not many people know about but are great for cleaning cars. Professional car detailing companies have been using specially designed clary bars to remove everything from water spots to dust off of cars to restore a showroom quality look. 

When you apply the special clay bar lubricant to the car, you will then move the clay bar around the water spot area to get rid of the spot. While you’re at it, the clay bar can also be used to clean other deep spots in your car from everyday road use. 

How To Prevent Water Spots

Use Distilled Water For Cleaning 

When you go to clean your car, you are likely to use either a hose or tap water to do the job. While this can be an alright way to clean in a pinch, the naturally impure nature of these water sources means you will have to deal with minerals that can easily turn into water spots. 

If you want to prevent water spots from even having the chance to form, consider washing your car with distilled water. Distilled water is free from any minerals and will be able to wash your car without leaving behind a trace of anything because there was never anything to leave a trace with in the first place. 

Have A Special Coating Added 

If you want to keep your car free from water spots over a longer period, you can look into using special coatings that keep water from remaining on your paint. There are special paint coatings that are designed to keep water from beading on the paint and won’t allow water spots to form.

These coatings can be applied by a car detailer or even at home if you have experience with cleaning cars. With just a bottle of certain coatings, you can keep water beads off your car for years. 

Dry The Car Properly 

Despite the importance of having a good wash, most cars get water spots because they are not dried properly. Even if you are washing the car with water that is not free from minerals, drying it thoroughly and fast will prevent water spots from forming. 

Using microfiber towels and not allowing the car to get dried by the sun will prevent water from drying up and leaving behind water spots. When you learn how to properly clean and dry your car, water spots won’t stand a chance. Using these tips to prevent and get rid of water spots will help your car look brand new.