How To Get Dog Hair Out of Car

There’s a reason dogs are referred to as man’s best friend. Their loyal and loving demeanor makes them the ideal companion. We allow them into our lives and our hearts. But this isn’t the only place we allow them to occupy within our lives. Our furry friends spend their days laying on blankets, curling up in our beds, and even accompanying us in our cars.

However, it seems that no matter if you vacuum your car regularly or not, or what make and model of a car you have, you still find pet hair embedded in the car seats, floor, and just about every other nook and cranny of your vehicle. While we may be aware of the fact that our dog was in our car, it still leads us to wonder just how that hair got into each and every corner of your interior.

This is a common problem for dog owners everywhere. So how do you get dog hair out of your car? And how do you prevent it from happening?

How To Get Dog Hair Out of Car

It goes without saying that we love our canines dearly. Banning them from our vehicles is simply not an option. So how do you remove pet hair from your car’s interior?

Brush Your Dog Before Driving

One of the best ways to get dog hair out of your car is to minimize how much gets in there in the first place. Brushing your dog's coat before they get in your car will remove the loose hairs they have shed in their topcoat, which is typically what ends up in the carpets and seats of your interior. Use the correct type of brush for your dog's coat type in order to collect as much hair as possible when brushing them.

Use the Correct Vacuum and Attachments

This seems like a no-brainer, but sometimes a vacuum cleaner is the most efficient way. The key is, to make things easier, you have to use the right one. If the standard hose or brush on your vacuum isn't picking up all of the dog hair, try using a pet hair attachment or a brush attachment equipped with rubber bristles. The rubber bristles work by causing static electricity, which attracts the pet hair and helps to remove it from the upholstery. If it’s just an issue of power, you can try the heavy-duty vacuum found at establishments like your local gas station or self-serve car wash.

Try A Rubber Kitchen Glove

The rubber glove method is a tried-and-true tactic to removing dog hair from your car. Simply slide on a rubber glove, dip your fingers in water to moisten them, then firmly rub the interior car surfaces in one direction. This action will cause the hair to form into large clumps that can easily be vacuumed or removed by hand. You can also apply a light water mist to the upholstery lightly and sweep it with your gloved hand. Applying a light water mist should cause the dog hair to collect at your fingertips. For those who don’t own rubber gloves, you can also substitute a damp sponge or washcloth.

Use an Inflated Balloon

Much like the rubber bristles on a vacuum brush attachment, balloons have a static quality that attracts hair, which makes this an odd but surprisingly effective method for removing dog hair from your car. All you have to do is rub the balloon over the target areas of the car’s interior, and the hair rises up from the upholstery and sticks to the balloon.

Break Out the Velcro Curlers

This may be a bit of an old-school approach, but it’s still effective. Self-sticking hair curlers are useful tools for picking up dog hair. Just grab the curlers and use them like a lint brush, running them throughout the interior of the car to pick up the dog hair. Once you have collected a full curler’s worth of hair, simply remove it from the roller and continue brushing.

Fabric Softener

This one might sound a bit weird but stay with us. Ironically, fabric softener contains ingredients that loosen hair from fabric, which surprisingly makes this method one of the best ways to get those stubborn hairs out of your carpet and seats. Just mix a few teaspoons of fabric softener with some water in a spray bottle, then lightly spray your upholstery. Simply wipe with a paper towel and let the upholstery dry, at which point you can vacuum any remaining hair.

Packing Tape or Duct Tape

In this instance, just about any wide-width tape will do the trick. However, duct tape is usually the strongest. All you have to do is roll the tape around your hand (with the sticky side out), covering the whole surface area of your fingers and palm. Then simply press the sticky side against the fabric and interior carpet to lift the dog hair away.

Pumice Stone

The pumice stone isn’t just for washing hands in the auto shop. This method is best accompanied by the use of a fabric softener solution, which helps break any static bond in the carpet flooring of your interior and loosens the hair. The fabric softener also serves to soften the abrasive qualities of the pumice stone.

To use this method, wipe the surface area in one direction; a back and forth motion can actually embed the hair even further. To remove the hair and debris from the pumice stone, spray it with the softener solution or dip into a rinse bucket during the interior cleaning process, in order to quickly wash the hair off of the stone.

How to Remove Pet Hair From Car Vents

Dog hair in the vents of your car is certainly one of the ultimate annoyances. But you don’t have to purchase pricey equipment to keep your car‘s air vents clean and free of pet hair. Air vent cleaning in your vehicle can be completed with household tools or cost-effective items you can find at your craft or dollar store. For instance, you can actually use a soft foam paint brush to gently remove dust, debris, and yes pet hair, from your car’s air vents. Aside from a hair-free system, cleaner vents also improve the air quality inside your vehicle.

Vent cleaning is pretty quick and easy, as it really only involves one step. Air vents in your vehicle have narrow slots that are obviously difficult to clean with a simple rag or hand towel. But all you need something with a little extra reach to effectively remove dust, debris, and pet hair.

This is where we introduce the foam paintbrush. These paintbrushes often come in many sizes, so you can also choose one with extra reach or even a specific shape, so you can know for sure that your vehicle’s air vents are getting as clean as possible. Foam paint brushes slide into the car’s air vents smoothly and with ease, effectively catching the excess debris, including pet hair. For enhanced results, don’t forget to dampen the paintbrush a little before using it.

How To Prevent Dog Hair in the Car

The truth is, it’s impossible to completely prevent pet dog hair from making its way into your car. But there are a few ways to decrease the amount of hair left behind by our furry friends:

Tip 1

Like we touched on earlier, brushing your pet before they enter your vehicle is the best method for preventing dog hair in your car.

Tip 2

If you don’t have time to brush your dog before going out, consider purchasing a pet seat cover for your cars’ interior. These covers help keep fur from being left behind on your car seats. They are also great for preventing dirt and mud from staining your upholstery. Pet seat covers can be conveniently washed and stored when not in use.

Tip 3

A comfortable pet harness or crate will keep your pets safe during travel, and it’s also a good way to minimize the dog hair left behind in your car.