Street Legal but No License: Is a Driver's License Needed to Get Car Insurance

Do You Need A Driver's License To Get Car Insurance

If you’re curious whether you can get a car insured without a license; the answer is yes, but it may be more difficult.

There are a few factors you will need to discuss with a potential insurance company, such as who the primary driver of the vehicle will be, whether the automobile needs to be co-titled, for instance, with a teen child who will be driving the car, or if the vehicle is a collector’s item that will be kept in storage.

Cost of Insurance

It is difficult to nail down an exact average cost of auto insurance, as prices vary significantly based on the driver, driving history, and the car insured. Ram trucks will have different insurance rates than Lamborghinis, and brand new car prices will vary when they need full-coverage than an older vehicle with partial coverage.

In a very general sense, the national average runs around $1,400 to $1,500 per year, with an average of about $118 monthly. Of course, this does not mean your auto insurance will cost to this every month. Your location, vehicle, and driving record will significantly affect the price.

Buying Insurance Without a License

Typically, buying car insurance without a valid driver’s license is not an option, but there are exceptions. You may wonder why getting insurance without a license would be something to consider. There are several scenarios in which buying insurance for a vehicle, even when you do not have a license, is not only a smart idea but necessary.

It is actually possible to get auto insurance without a driver’s license in some cases, there are just a few things to keep in mind. You may have to steer clear of a few of the national insurance chains, such as Allstate, as many of these will give you a flat out rejection if you attempt to get insurance without a license. There are some exceptions to this, so check around.

Picking Smaller Insurance Companies

If you do have a situation in which you need to insure a vehicle, but you do not have a license and do not plan to drive the automobile, you will likely have better luck with a smaller, local insurance company or speaking with a bigger company about your situation. Never go with an insurance company that does not ask for any type of driver’s license whatsoever, though.

You will need a driver’s license name and a number of some type, even if someone else is going to be the primary driver and you use their name and number. Be suspicious of any insurance company that agrees to sell you insurance without asking for any type of license at all.

Using a Primary Driver

If you do not have a valid driver’s license but need to insure a vehicle, you will need to have a different primary driver for the car. This tells an insurance company that the primary driver will be the person operating a vehicle. Some insurance companies may even want you to be listed as an “excluded driver,” which means you are exactly that, excluded from driving the vehicle.

If you operate the car under this type of insurance policy and have an accident, insurance will not cover it. If you do not have a license and purchase the coverage for a primary driver, it is expected that the primary driver will be the actual person driving the car regularly.

Teen Drivers or Spouses

Teen drivers or insuring a car for a spouse are two typical situations in which you may need to get auto insurance without a license. In many states, teenagers under the age of 18 may not be able to get their own insurance.

Even as a parent without a license, you can potentially get insurance with a teen child as the primary driver of the vehicle with their driver’s license number. The same can be done with some insurance companies for a spouse. This is a circumstance in which you may need to co-title a vehicle, with both your child or your spouse’s name, as well as your own.

Elderly or Health Impaired

In situations with the elderly or those with certain health conditions that prevent a person from being able to drive, they can also designate a primary driver for a vehicle that they own but will not operate the car. This can be helpful for elderly or health impaired who need to be driven to doctors’ appointments and other places but do not have a license to drive themselves.

Provisional License

For adults who are getting their license for the first time, you often need to have a provisional license, much like a learner’s permit. With some insurance companies, you can insure a vehicle with a temporary learning license.


Having a chauffeur is another situation in which some individuals insure their vehicle without a driver’s license. Those who get driven around in fancy cars may need to do this with their chauffeur using their private driver’s name and driver’s license number as the primary driver.

This is similar to having a primary driver for elderly or health impaired, and a chauffeur is essentially the same situation for both.

Vintage Cars

If you are an owner of a vintage, historical, or a high-end luxury car or motorcycle that you store as a collector’s item vehicle, but you do not have a driver’s license, this is another circumstance in which you will want to have insurance even without a license.

You’ll want to have that vehicle or vehicles insured for theft or other scenarios. If you have a collector’s car but no license, you may need to get car storage insurance or work with an agency that specializes in vintage car insurance.

Talk to Insurance Companies

When in doubt, discuss your particular situation with potential auto insurance companies and whether they can cover your vehicle, possibly listing you as an excluded driver. You will likely need to name a primary driver and may be required to have a co-titled automobile.

Check with your local secretary of state or DMV to check on your state’s requirements. Costs of insurance vary with luxury vehicles, vintage cars in storage, sports cars, and truck prices—but the peace of mind in having your vehicle covered is priceless, even if you are not the one licensed to drive it.