2022 Subaru WRX Preview

At long last, a redesigned 2022 Subaru WRX is coming, leaping from the previous-generation Impreza platform it has been using for a decade or so to what appears to be a next-generation platform.

2022 Subaru WRX Teaser Front Quarter View

It’s tough to tell from the teaser image, which shows a hood scoop and, presumably, a car. But if you look carefully, right where the rear window glass meets the rear roof pillar, you’ll see a tapered angle instead of the current Impreza’s BMW-style kink.

So then, new, if familiar, bodywork is on the menu. Spy photos of the car reveal more of the design. It still has door-mounted side mirrors, front quarter windows to ensure maximum outward visibility, and an obnoxious amount of overhang forward of the front wheels. It’s a good bet the wheels will be black, though a special-edition version of the car could wear traditional gold wheels with classic WR Blue paint.

Subaru itself offers no details about the redesigned 2022 WRX other than to call it “the next rally icon.” Turbocharging is a given, as is all-wheel drive. You can bet it will deliver a more robust and stiffer structure and tuning, making it a pure joy to drive hard and fast. The signature boxer-engine bleat is also likely, but so is the base WRX’s continuously variable transmission (meh). Cross your fingers that a manual gearbox returns to the base WRX, let alone the high-performance WRX STI.

Subaru will likely give the new 2022 WRX a boost when it comes to technology, too. Expect the latest versions of EyeSight advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS) and Starlink connected services with a larger touchscreen infotainment system.

When the new Subaru WRX debuts, we’ll update this article with all of the details.

Subaru is the source of the photo and quote for this article. The rest of this content is speculation on the part of the author. It was accurate on June 29, 2021, but it may have changed since that date.