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2016 model year changes

For 2016, an old trim package returns to the Viper lineup. Last seen in 2010, the ACR trim was the ultimate performance package for the Dodge Viper, turning a fast sports car into a barely legal track day toy. The new 2016 ACR trim offers buyers a similar experience, with wild aerodynamics and tires that are so sticky, they're barely street legal. The ACR blurs the line between race car and road car in a way few other vehicles can manage. The 2016 SRT Viper starts at $84,995.

Competitive comparison

Gorgeous exterior styling; powerful V10; precise 6-speed manual; available creature comforts; driving aids now standard

Special features for 2016

The Viper's evolution from a raw, violent roadster in 1992 to the sleek, world-class super coupe of today is proof of its lasting appeal. With vastly improved creature and driving comforts -- like seat-height adjustability, available leather, navigation and driving aids -- the Viper seeks to attract a more gentile crowd. But its brute power and precise 6-speed manual place it strictly in the "driver's car" category, and it's not for the faint of heart. Strictly speaking, no other car offers a visceral driving experience quite like the Viper -- and certainly not for under $100,000.

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