2015 Volkswagen CC Values

Select a 2015 Volkswagen CC trim level

2015 model year changes

The Volkswagen CC is largely unchanged for 2015, though the Sport and Executive trims now include unique optional 18-inch wheels.

Competitive comparison

Stylish; sporty; upscale with available all-wheel-drive

Special features for 2015

With a starting price at just over $32,000, the Volkswagen CC is a unique vehicle, virtually alone in its segment. Volkswagen saw the success of large "4-door coupes" from Mercedes and BMW and thought there might be a market for a similar vehicle at a much lower price point. The CC seats five in relative comfort and quiet with a touch of sporting flair. The exterior design makes the car's four doors appear to be only two -- a bodystyle unavailable on anything else costing this side of $60,000.
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