2015 GMC Savana Passenger Values

Select a 2015 GMC Savana Passenger trim level

2015 model year changes

The GMC Savana gets a few more pieces of interior equipment for 2015. The Digital AM/FM sound system now comes with both a USB port as well as an auxiliary input jack. On star with turn by turn navigation is now standard, while the interior gets an additional 110-volt power outlet as well.

Competitive comparison

Can be configured for work or families; seats up to 15; strong towing capacity

Special features for 2015

Sometimes, only a full-size van will do. Whether the job is to haul a dozen or more people or tow 9,500 pounds of equipment, the GMC Savana's power, towing capacity and interior space ensure it's the van for the job. Most of the Savana's non-diesel engines can use E85 ethanol fuel, while a new fuel-system option provides the capability to run on compressed natural gas.
GMC has not redesigned the Savana Passenger Van in eons, but this van wasn’t made to turn heads; it was made to haul large groups of people to and from destinations. Choose from two wheelbases (135” and 155”) as well as six different engine types. With the stock model you’ll get 16” steel wheels, swing-out side doors (60/40) that are upgradable to sliding doors, a standard two-speaker stereo system and vinyl upholstery. Upgraded models offer cloth interior, optional GPS system with backup camera, upgraded engine and powered seats, as well remote start and a few other goodies. Powered by a beefy 4.3-liter V6 engine that makes 195 horsepower at 260 pound-feet of torque, expect to fill-up often because this van only gets a combined 16 mpg for its EPA rating. Still, being able to transport 15 passengers all at once is near to impossible in just about any other vehicle on the market today, save for a bus.