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2015 model year changes

The BMW X4 is a brand new model for the company and serves to fill out BMW's "X" line of SUVS. BMW have stuck to their new naming convention and just as the 4-series is a coupe version of the 3-series, so too is the X4 a coupe interpretation of the X3. Of course as an SUV, the X4 isn't a true coupe. Not only does it offer more ground clearance than any coupe in recent memory, it also has a full complement of four doors. However take one look at it and its obvious BMW's designers have done everything in their power to mold the relatively truck-like proportions of the X3 into something much sportier and sleeker.

Competitive comparison

All-wheel drive; coupe-like styling; great handling for an SUV; powerful but efficient engines; good ground clearance

Special features for 2015

As its name would suggest, the X4 slots between the X3 and X5 in terms of base price. Functionally, it is similar to the less expensive X3, however like the X6, the X4 offers a sensuous, sloping roofline giving the X4 a unique and attractive look. The end result is a vehicle that offers both sporty styling and SUV-like practicality and ground clearance. The X4 starts at $44,700.
The BMW X4 is no ordinary car. It borrows a bit from the pastime of the most celebrated designs of automobiles. A low-roofed car, albeit slick and curvaceous, the X4 marries the roominess of the wagon with the ruggedness of a crossover, styled after the sporty promiscuousness of a coupe. This four-door hatchback wonder features a standard four-cylinder turbocharged engine that makes 240 horsepower, which can also be upgraded to a sporty six-cylinder engine that makes 300 horsepower. Excellent handling with comfortable suspension and all-wheel drive offer some of the creature comforts that are beloved with SUVs. The hatchback and foldable rear seats means there’s plenty of stowing room for those busy days. Premium interior options include Wi-Fi, voice command iDrive electronics interface touchscreen with GPS navigation and premium sound system. It’s everything you’d expect from a BMW with a nifty and unique design that’s not quite a coupe, not quite a crossover and assuredly not quite a sedan. Soccer moms will be in love at first sight. Dads won’t mind driving it to the office, either.