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2015 model year changes

BMW recently split its 3-Series line of coupes and sedans. Two-door coupe variants have been renamed as the 4-Series; while the 4-door sedans continue to soldier on as the 3-Series. The BMW M4 then, is a replacement for the previous generation M3 coupe. In addition to getting a new name, the M4 gets a total redesign. It actually shares very little with the previous generation of M3, receiving a whole new body and a brand new engine, this time with addition of two turbochargers.

Competitive comparison

Supercar levels of speed and handling; usable back seat; sleek styling; BMW levels of refinement

Special features for 2015

While nobody would describe the BMW M4 as cheap, it does represent a solid value for buyers who want both serious performance with a healthy dose of practicality. Unlike a strict two-seat sports car like the Chevrolet Corvette, the BMW M4 has very usable back seats. It also features the kind of interior and high quality feel that should be expected from a BMW that starts at over $60,000. BMW's move towards smaller, turbocharged engines extends to the performance-oriented M4. The M4 still makes more power than its predecessor while returning better gas mileage along the way.
The BMW M4 is the next edition to the popular M line series that the automaker has turned plenty of heads with in recent years. This grand coupe features a robust in-line six cylinder engine with a twin-turbocharger that cranks out 430 horses of raw power, teasing your senses with its seven-speed auto-clutch with wheel paddles at 406 pound-feet of torque. The curvy body, large spoked rims, and immaculate cabin, which offers limited roominess for rear passengers, embodies all of the striking features car lovers have grown to expect from Bavarian Motor Works. The weight-reducing carbon fiber frame has helped increase speed, enhance handling and assure better mpg. The interior features decadent leather upholstery, premium sound system, on board navigation with touchscreen and command center with iDrive electronics interface and driver assist, and a beautiful alloy trim. It’s everything that you’d expect from BMW. The short 4-year/50,000 mile warranty leaves something more to be wanted, but the head-turning grace of this sweet ride is undeniable.