2015 BMW M3 Values

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2015 model year changes

While previous iterations of the M3 were sold in both 2 and 4-door forms, the 2015 M3 is only offered in 4-door trim. Coupe versions have been renamed as the M4 but mechanically the two cars remain similar. This name change coincides with a complete redesign to the M3. Beyond a brand new chassis, the M3 also switches to a new 6-cylinder turbocharged engine, replacing the naturally aspirated V8 from the previous generation.

Competitive comparison

Powerful engine; sublime handling; 4-door practicality; aggressive good looks; BMW cachet

Special features for 2015

While the BMW M3 isn't inexpensive, it does represent a great value. It's nearly as fast as an equivalently priced sports car and with its superb handling, braking and acceleration, the M3 fits right in with all sorts of high end performance cars. However, it also offers the kind of 4-door practicality that is virtually unheard of in performance cars costing over $60,000. Competitors such as the Porsche Cayman and the Chevrolet Corvette don't even offer rear seats, much less rear doors.
Few other sports cars can really compete with the popular BMW M3 sports car, a vehicle that literally sets the benchmark for cars in its class. Powered by a hearty 4.0-liter V8 engine that makes 414 horsepower with 295 pound-feet of torque, fast is an understatement for this king of coupes. Cruising off the line never felt so joyous with the seven-speed automated-clutch with shifter paddles included on the steering wheel for hands-on drivers. Replete with desirable amenities like a 10-speaker premium sound system, leather interior, power sport seats that are heated, iDrive navigation system and salacious 19” wheels, you’ll assuredly turn heads when you take it out for a weekend drive. The factory standard lowered suspension system offers electronic damping and includes a computer assisted stability system, too. The 4.6 second zero-to-60 off the line time will reinforce your clout when no other roadster can top your zip-and-go. The 4-year/50,000 mile warranty does leave something more to be desired, considering the car’s lavish price tag. Still, the M3 is the presiding monarch of all luxury coupes. Long live the king.