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The Alfa 4C is a brand new model from Alfa Romeo, which has recently been reintroduced to the U.S. through select Fiat and Maserati dealerships. The 4C is a small, lightweight 2-seat sports car with an emphasis on driver involvement and sharp handling. Despite the cars throwback nature, it is a thoroughly modern sports car, utilizing plenty of exotic materials and construction techniques, all aimed at making the 4C fun and fast to drive.

Competitive comparison

Stunning looks, amazing handling, powerful turbocharged engine, light-weight construction

Special features for 2015

The 4C starts at a base price of $68,400, where it will compete with sports cars like the Porsche Cayman, and the Chevrolet Corvette. Rather than try to outmuscle their competitors, Alfa Romeo have instead opted for an approach centered on finesse and beauty, which the 4C serves up in spades. With its ultra-lightweight carbon fiber monocoque construction, the 4C is amongst the lightest cars sold in the United States. The upshot is that despite a relatively modest power output, the 4C is still plenty fast in a straight line.
An all-new model, the Alfa Romeo 4C returns after nearly two decades of the carmaker’s silence on the U.S. market. One decade ago, Alfa released the 8C Competizione to see how it could tap the market. But the costly price tag ($200,000) and the limited availability didn’t fare well. Now Alfa is back with a more realistic and affordable (models start at about $55,000) Alfa Romeo 4C model. The coupe features curvaceous carbon fiber styling with a sturdy aluminum roof. Convenient paddle shifters gaud the steering wheel, helping drivers make the best use of the turbocharged 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine that is rated at 240 hp and 258 pound-feet of torque, via the six-speed dual-clutch automated manual transmission. Double wishbone suspension in the front merges with rear strut suspension to offer smooth corner-taking and a delightful drive. Topped off with signature Brembo brakes, and 18” or 19” wheels in the front and back, with optional add-on packages that can enhance flare, drive, speed and more. A signature carbon-fiber rear spoiler, rear diffuser and sport-tuned suspension and brakes will earmark the 2015 Launch Edition. But you’d better reserve yours now, as only 500 units are slated for launch in the U.S., with an ultimate cap of 1,200 units being set by Alfa.