2014 Maserati Quattroporte Values

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2014 model year changes

The Quattroporte has been completely redesigned for 2014. The new car is significantly bigger and longer than the car it replaces while somehow managing to also be lighter. New engines have been introduced that are both more fuel efficient and more powerful than before. The new Quattroporte is improved in almost every way over the previous model.

Competitive comparison

Exclusivity; powerful and sporty; classy Italian styling; available all-wheel drive

Special features for 2014

The Quattroporte starts at just over $100,000 with V8 models starting at around $140,000, so an exclusivity is a given. The Quattroporte aims to compete with other high performance luxury sedans from Audi, BMW, Mercedes and perhaps most importantly, Porsche. Amongst its Teutonic rivals, the Quattroporte sets itself apart with classic Italian flair and passion. Its styling is neither anonymous nor awkward and it sings its exhaust note rather than muffling it. With plenty of engineering supplied by Ferrari, the Quattroporte is a statement even more than it is a means of transport.

Quattroporte S Q4

4 Door Sedan

Quattroporte Sport GT S

4 Door Sedan