2014 Lotus Evora Values

Select a 2014 Lotus Evora trim level

2014 model year changes

There are no changes to the Lotus Evora lineup for 2014.

Competitive comparison

Distinctive exterior styling; proven engine; available 2+2 layout; more fuel-efficient than many other super-sports cars

Special features for 2014

As uncompromised sports cars built for the racetrack yet fully road-legal, Lotus sports cars tend to be different than anything else on the market-- the Evora is no exception. It stands out in the market as a nimble, light-driving sports car that's also stable and comfortable enough for highway driving and long trips. Across the Evora model line, it's more fuel-efficient than might otherwise be expected of a track-oriented performance model, while the Toyota engine assures more durability and reliability than from some other low-volume niche automakers. And in 2+2 form, the Evora is the only mid-engined sports car that can fit more than two people.
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