2014 Honda Accord Plug-in Hybrid Values

Select a 2014 Honda Accord Plug-in Hybrid trim level

2014 model year changes

Honda is introducing the ninth generation Honda Accord later this year; however the plug-in hybrid version is already available, giving buyers a preview of the new car. The new plug-in hybrid features the redesigned interior and exterior of the 2014 Accord with a few wrinkles of its own, including a unique instrument panel and eco-friendly seating materials. The plug-in system is also brand new for Honda, a company that helped pioneer hybrid models in the U.S.

Competitive comparison

Based on the all new Accord platform, comfortable, fully electric for short drives, hybrid fuel economy for longer drives

Special features for 2014

The Accord Plug-In Hybrid derives much of its value from its ability to function as an electric car for short journeys. As long as the car has been charged up, trips of fewer than about fifteen miles can be accomplished without using any gasoline. On longer trips, the plug-in hybrid simply operates like any other hybrid, using a gasoline and electric motor in conjunction to achieve excellent fuel economy for a car of its size. The Accord Plug-In Hybrid comes loaded with lots of equipment that normally cost extra on other cars in its segment.
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