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2014 model year changes

The 2014 Camaro gets a new Spring Special Edition which includes 21" silver wheels and some ground effects while the Hot Wheels Special Edition is no more. Paints have been reshuffled as well: Ashen Gray is new as is Red Hot and Red Rock paint. Victory Red is gone as are Inferno Orange, Ashen Gray and Kinetic Red.

Competitive comparison

Strong acceleration; great handling; muscle-car look and feel; daring design inside and out; good highway efficiency

Special features for 2014

The Chevrolet Camaro is a modern take on GM's legendary muscle-car, offering strong rear-wheel-drive performance in a low coupe or convertible body style. Relative to the other pony cars like the Ford Mustang or Dodge Challenger, the Camaro performs athletically, although it gives up some outward visibility for the chunky, bold design. The performance standout of the model line remains the Camaro SS Coupe. Camaro Convertibles are a strong value as well and provide a different sort of fun. Some drivers wanting performance approaching that of high-end exotics, the ZL1 provides outrageous horsepower numbers. While pricy among Camaros, it's faster than cars costing two or three times as much.

2014 Chevrolet Camaro FAQ

I also noticed dual mode exhaust is not an option on NADAguides, which was a fairly significant factory upgrade. Why can't this be added to the value on NADAguides?

As far as the dual exhaust goes, NADAguides only attempts to track and value options that we believe add quantifiable value to a vehicle. There are hundreds of thousands of possible options in the used market for which we make no value distinction. That is not to say that because an option is not specifically mentioned by NADAguides it does not add value to a particular vehicle, it simply means that NADAguides makes no attempt to quantify its value. At this point in time we do not track the option, but it is our experience that most SS vehicles have the dual exhaust and it would most likely be a deduct without if we began to value it. 

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