2014 BMW 7 Series Values

Select a 2014 BMW 7 Series trim level

2014 model year changes

After several notable changes to the drivetrain in 2013, the 7-series enters into 2014 unchanged.

Competitive comparison

Excellent handling and roadholding; lavish, roomy interior; comfortable ride; available all-wheel drive; top-tech options including night vision

Special features for 2014

The 7-Series is BMW's technology flagship, and by most measures it's the most luxurious model in the German automaker's lineup. It offers a wide range of powertrain possibilities, standard and long-wheelbase versions, a green ActiveHybrid option and a high-performance Alpina model. Even at its simplest, the 740i is one of the most athletic-feeling large sport sedans, while well-optioned 750 and 760 models offer some of the world's leading convenience and accident-avoidance technology.
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