2014 BMW 2 Series Values

Select a 2014 BMW 2 Series trim level

2014 model year changes

The BMW 2-series is brand new and replaces the 1-series at the bottom of BMW's lineup. Available only in coupe configuration, the 2-series picks up where the 1-series left off with two trim levels, a sporty driving experience and compact, city-friendly dimensions.

Competitive comparison

Sporty; compact; fun to drive; rear-wheel drive; European feel; sporty new styling

Special features for 2014

The BMW 2-series is a sporty luxury compact that competes with other small European cars such as the Audi A3, the MINI Cooper and the Mercedes CLA. The BMW 2-series however, is significantly sportier than its competitors and features better handling and a more hardcore, driver oriented demeanor. Starting at about $32,000 the BMW 2-series offers a nice compromise between an all-out sports car and a sophisticated German compact.
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