2012 Porsche Cayman Values

Select a 2012 Porsche Cayman trim level

2012 model year changes

For 2012, the Cayman gets a new very limited-edition high-performance Black Edition that is light-weight, slightly more powerful and top-to-bottom black-trimmed. A new Cayman R debuts for 2012 as well. Its 10 horses more powerful than the Cayman S as well as 121 lbs lighter.

Competitive comparison

Blistering, track-ready performance; excellent handling; lavish interior appointments; high-tech safety and convenience options

Special features for 2012

The Cayman may not be the top of the performance ladder. Porsche itself makes much more powerful cars, but with a base price of $52,000, the Cayman's mid-engine design and powerful 2.9L 6-cylinder means it may be the best performance bargain out there from one of the best performance automakers out there.
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