2012 Nissan Murano Values

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2012 model year changes

For 2012, the mid-size Murano crossover changes little over last year's model.

Competitive comparison

Strong, torquey engine and smooth CVT; excellent ride quality; stylish exterior; warm, luxuriously trimmed cabin; versatile interior layout; one-of-a-kind CrossCabriolet model

Special features for 2012

Nissan's Murano stands out as offering one of the most stylish, best-trimmed, and best-appointed interiors from a non-luxury brand, with warm, soft-touch materials and color choices than make some other mainstream-brand crossover models seem drab. The Murano's powertrain, while not overtly sporty, is one of the smoothest and strongest in the segment--great for getting ahead at stoplights and making safe, quick passes on the highway. Ride quality is pretty impressive, especially with the standard 18-inch wheels-- it feels comfortable without being too floaty. This equates to confident handling without fatigue on longer drives.
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