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Mazda Achieves Peak Fuel Efficiency among U.S. Automakers

2012 model year changes

The Mazda5 is all new for 2012, with a resculpted, dynamic look on the outside, better interior detailing and a slightly larger, more powerful engine--without affecting fuel economy. And with the stylish new look inside and out, around the idea of "seductive smartness," it doesn't give up any interior space or functionality.

Competitive comparison

Seating for six; space-efficient layout; versatility; steering and handling; fuel-efficiency; new, more stylish look

Special features for 2012

The Mazda5's sliding side doors might lead some to dismiss it as a minivan, but they shouldn't; there's nothing else on the market quite like this unique vehicle, which combines some of the attributes of a minivan (but smaller) and a crossover utility vehicle (but lower). The Mazda5 has excellent passenger design: It takes up about the same parking footprint as a compact sedan, but it has comfortable seating for six. Mazda says that even with all six seats up in place, there's enough cargo space for a standard baby stroller. Also, the sliding doors are easy to operate and are easier to manage when in tight parking spaces. Furthermore, this model is already known for its entertaining driving character, and with a little more power and steering and suspension tuned even more for handling, the Mazda5 is one family choice for those who like the twisties.
Receiving its first massive makeover since the Mazda5's introduction in 2006, Sport, Touring and Grand Touring trim levels showcase the 6-passenger 2012 Mazda5. While the Mazda5 Sport is the base model, a sizable standard convenience listing features air conditioning and 6-speaker MP3-capable stereo system. With few options available on trim levels, upgraded features will be presented standard in the 2012 Mazda5 Touring or Grand Touring. Bluetooth becomes standard on the Touring model while leather seating and HID headlamps are only appearing on the Mazda5 Grand Touring. Replacing the 2.3 liter engine with a larger, more potent 2.5 liter inline-4 worth 167 horsepower, front-wheel drive power is routed through either a brand new 6-speed manual or 5-speed automatic gearbox. The engine paired with either transmission produces fuel economy of 21 miles city or 28 miles highway per single gallon of gasoline. Rightfully for a family-based vehicle, all 2012 Mazda5 are loaded with standard safety features including stability control with traction control as well as front, side and curtain air bags.