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The brand new Fisker Karma is a full-sized luxury sedan with a trick hybrid drivetrain. Stunningly beautiful, the Karma manages to look like a sports car while still seating four people in comfort. The hybrid drivetrain allows the Karma to operate as an electric vehicle, complete with plug-in recharge system. If the driver chooses, an onboard gasoline engine can also be utilized to recharge the batteries and keep the Karma moving in much the same manner as a traditional hybrid.

Competitive comparison

Beautiful to look at; environmentally friendly; luxurious and quick

Special features for 2012

The Karma competes with full-sized luxury sedans and coupes from manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz and BMW with a price point of around $100,000. Its stand-out styling immediately makes a strong case for the car, but it's the eco-friendliness of the vehicle that really sets it apart from its rivals. Going beyond just a hybrid drivetrain, Fisker have done everything they can to ensure that the Karma has a minimal impact on the environment. Unlike most other hybrids and in accordance with its styling, the Karma has a fun side as well. Performance is good and handling was made a priority in its design. Starting a new car company is no easy task and Fisker has done their best to ensure that their first product is a strong one.

Karma EcoChic

4 Door Sedan

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4 Door Sedan

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4 Door Sedan
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