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2012 model year changes

The BMW 6-Series is completely redesigned for 2012, with new styling and increased power from an all-new 4.4L V8. The new model is three inches longer and slightly wider than the car it replaces, with tighter and cleaner front end styling, new headlights and a lower trunk line. Again offered as a coupe or convertible, it is available in one trim only for 2012: the 650i. The M6 is back after taking 2011 off. It comes in convertible form only and comes with a more powerful, more efficient engine, but the same impressive performance specs expected of anything M-Series.

Competitive comparison

BMW-standard luxury and performance, high-end gadgetry, coupe and convertible styles

Special features for 2012

For buyers in the market for a true grand touring car, the BMW 6-Series is among the best choices on the market today. And for 2012, the controversial styling that may have kept buyers away in the past is gone, replaced by a much more sophisticated and clean overall look. It's a great choice for those in the market for both performance and comfort on an equal plane, with a strong foothold in a segment also populated by the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and the Jaguar XK.

2012 BMW 6-Series FAQ

In the optional equipment list for the 2012 BMW 650i it lists a Driver Assist Package. Does this package include comforts seats?

The driver assist package on a 2012 BMW 6 series is not the same thing as what you describe. The driver assistance package includes the electronics which provide lane departure warning, active blind spot detection as well as side and top view cameras and parking assist among other things.

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