2011 Volvo S60 Values

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2011 model year changes

The mid-size Volvo S60 has been completely redesigned for 2011, recast as more of a flamboyantly styled luxury sport sedan. While the S60 debuts the automaker's new City Safety feature and has some truly innovative accident avoidance equipment, it also offers performance capabilities near the head of its class, thanks to all-wheel drive and the 300-hp turbocharged 6-cylinder engine.

Competitive comparison

Sexy new design; strong performance; standard all-wheel drive; exclusive materials and trims; innovative new City Safe accident-avoidance system

Special features for 2011

Volvo looks to make another huge leap with its new S60 sedan--in performance, styling and safety. With its new 300-hp turbocharged engine, the model should be both faster and more fuel-efficient than some other models in its class, while its styling is truly trend-setting inside and out. Also, Volvo is truly at the front of the pack with its new City Safety system--one that not only serves to warn you of an impending crash, but applies the brakes to help you avoid it completely. With that, plus a host of other accident-avoidance features, the S60 remains the car for those most concerned about safety, even at a time when it seems that every car comes with top-notch safety.
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