2011 Maybach 62 Values

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2011 model year changes

2011 sees several changes made to the Maybach 57 and 62 line, including a new front and rear fascia design, a redesigned hood, a new front bumper, new side mirrors, a chrome grille and revised taillights. New wheels are standard for both standard and S models, and inside, wireless internet is now available for rear seat passengers. A 19-inch flatscreen monitor has also been added. The reclining rear seats previously available only on the 62 are now available on the 57, and the 62 is now offered with a electro-transparent roof panel that can turn from clear to opaque at the flip of a switch. A 62S Landaulet version is also available, which features a fixed roof over the driver and a convertible top over the rear passengers. All S models receive a boost in power to 620 hp.

Competitive comparison

Ultra-luxury with top-of-the-line comfort, ride and power; impeccable appointments include champagne flutes and perfume atomizer

Special features for 2011

Maybach is all about extraordinary luxury, and the 57 and 62 are at the top of their class when it comes to both opulence and standard features. The base 57 and 62 have V12 5.5L twin-turbo engines, and the S models get a 6.0L version of that engine. In either case, the chauffeur can pilot a Maybach from 0-60 in less than 6 seconds. Folding tables and fabric window curtains are the kinds of standard equipment a Maybach owner can expect for his or her money. Both the 57 and 62 are well-placed against competition from Bentley and Rolls-Royce-- Maybach piles on more luxury and opulent performance than anyone else.

Maybach 62

4 Door Sedan
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