2011 Aston Martin Rapide Values

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2011 model year changes

The Rapide is the first production 4-door sports car from the British automaker. All four doors use Aston's "swan wing" configuration, meaning they slightly open up and out to make entry and exit easy for all occupants. The trunk is large enough to accommodate the belongings of all those passengers -- including skis. Aston Martin didn't sacrifice its sporting heritage in building a sedan. The Rapide has the same hand-built V12 engine found in the Vantage and DB9, and it makes 447 hp. The Rapide is capable of reaching 60 mph in about 5 seconds -- not bad for a 4-door! The Rapide was also the first car to be designed after the manufacturer was released from Ford Motor Company's orbit in 2007. Few changes have been made for 2011, with the most notable being the addition of a new Luxe package that adds a handful of options, normally higher-priced colors, and a unique custom set of luggage.

Competitive comparison

Four doors; Aston Martin performance and handling; exceedingly luxurious interior

Special features for 2011

The Rapide is a versatile car: the powerful engine and performance handling make it a sports car; the four seats and flexible cargo space make it a practical car; and the refined interior and advanced technology make it a luxury car. It's also a largely hand-built car from a legendary English auto company, which means a starting price tag near $200,000.


4 Door Sedan
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