2011 Acura ZDX Values

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2011 model year changes

Because the ZDX was introduced in 2010, very little has changed for the 2011 model year.

Competitive comparison

Luxurious interior; high tech entertainment in a sound-controlled space; impressive all wheel drive performance

Special features for 2011

While the ZDX is not an economy car, efficiencies are everywhere, remarkable in its small, prestigious category. The obvious competitors are BMW's X6 and the Infiniti FX35. The ZDX is priced directly between at $50,000 well equipped, with interior technologies at the top of its specialized segment and luxury appoints well above the competition. Acura's long-respected quality should keep the 40,000-mile resale depreciation between 15 and 20% with equipment packages well above the norm for the competitors.
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