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Introduced in 2009, the hand-built Maybach Landaulet brings back a body style not seen since the earliest decades of the automotive age, one intended to be driven by a chauffeur. The front cabin is separated from the rear passenger compartment by a glass partition, and the cloth top above the passengers can open fully while the roof over the driver is fixed. The Landaulet engine is Maybach's most powerful, and the car is based on the long-wheelbase Maybach 62S. The Landaulet's interior is the best Maybach has to offer, which is impressive, from leather everywhere inside to separate Bluetooth connections for the front and rear compartments.

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The ultimate in chauffeured driving; one-of-a-kind revival of a classic early 20th century body style; Mercedes-Benz' most powerful engine in Maybach's most luxurious car

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Since it was revived as a brand by Mercedes-Benz in 2000, Maybach has been the ultimate luxury car for the rich and famous, from popes to celebrities to business giants. With an MSRP of $1,380,000, nearly every conceivable automotive wish is fulfilled in the built-to-order Landaulet as part of the standard equipment, including a Bose surround-sound system and state-of-the-art ambient lighting. Exterior colors available include various hues of white, gray and black. Indeed, the value of riding in complete, chauffeur-driven comfort behind a choice of tinted glass or curtains (made of fine material) may be incalculable.

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