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2009 model year changes

The 2009 model year for the Boxster is seen as the second generation of the 987-series platform that Porsche introduced in 2005. The base Boxster now features a 2.9L direct-injection flat-6 engine that makes 255 horsepower, up 10 horses from 2008. The Boxster S trim now utilizes a 3.4L direct-injection flat-6 engine producing 310 horsepower, up 15 horses from 2008. New exterior refinements include halogen headlights with integrated direction indicators, as well as new LED body lights that taper to the outside and are integrated into the restyled bodywork. The rod-shaped side lights are accented by the rectangular fog lamps, now standard. Along with a new wheel design, the front bumper utilizes wider side air intakes while the rear bumper is more curvaceous. The wheels are half-inch wider on the Boxster S trim in order to accommodate the larger braking system, which is now fitted on the front axle. The base Boxster and Boxster S feature the latest generation of Porsche Stability Management (PSM), now offering two new functions: Brake Pre-Loading and the Brake Assistant. This combination improves brake response significantly and shortens stopping distances. In conjunction with 18- and 19-inch wheels, the new trims are also available with a limited-slip differential on the rear axle. The biggest news is the availability of Porsche's double-clutch gearbox, which provides better fuel economy and quicker acceleration than the 6-speed manual transmission. Two wet clutches are used in radial arrangement, controlled hydraulically, and use oil for both cooling and lubrication. It replaces the former Tiptronic S torque-converter automatic-transmission and offers seven forward gears. It is an ideal combination of a torque converter-equipped automatic-transmission and the manual gearshift functionality of a sequential racing gearbox. For 2009, only 50 limited-edition Boxster S Design Edition 2 cars, a follow-up to the all-black design Edition 1, will be available in North America. Available only in white, this Boxster comes with a freer-flowing exhaust, 19-inch wheels, a black and gray interior with white gauges, light gray stripes on the front fascia, hood and side, taillights in monochrome red and a dashboard plaque detailing its production number.

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Racetrack performance; lightweight construction; agility combined with pure driving pleasure; a seamless blend of function and design

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Named after the car's 'boxer' engine design -- the Porsche Boxster shares its basic design with the Porsche Cayman. The base Boxster starts around $46,000, which makes it a tempting value proposition relative to other roadsters that are both road- and track-ready.

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