2009 Dodge Nitro Values

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2009 model year changes

In its third model year, the 2009 Dodge Nitro remains basically the same as the 2008 models. A minor change, the Nitro is available in only two models: SE (replacing 2008's SXT model) and SLT. The sporty R/T is now considered an upgrade package for the SLT. A four-speed automatic transmission is now standard for the SE and SLT models and a five-speed automatic is standard with the R/T; no manual transmissions will be available for 2009. All models have revised suspension tuning and improved braking systems.

Competitive comparison

Strong, aggressive exterior design; functional interior cargo space; lifetime warranty on improved powertrain; high safety ratings

Special features for 2009

The Dodge Nitro is categorized as a mid-sized SUV and not as a crossover (sedan/SUV), yet its bold look and style is comparable to a Hummer and other truck-based vehicles. For buyers looking for an SUV that's an affordable workhorse, the Dodge Nitro has the overall strength and cargo room of larger vehicles yet has a price comparable to a small or midsize sedan.
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