2008 Mazda B-Series Truck Values

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Mazda Achieves Peak Fuel Efficiency among U.S. Automakers

2008 model year changes

Mazda's popular B-Series pickup truck sees a few changes for 2008. Most significant is the discontinuation of all trim levels of the 3.0L V6 B3000. The B2300 features upgraded shock absorbers, while the B4000 has lost about half an inch from its ride height, and the B4000 SE gets a standard front suspension skid plate.

Competitive comparison

Roomy, comfortable ride, but rugged enough to work hard; smart pricing; reliable underpinnings.

Special features for 2008

Mazda's proven B-Series small pickup holds its own against trucks from Chevrolet, Toyota, Nissan, and Ford--on whose truck the B-Series is based. The B2300 and B4000 are reliable, rugged trucks that don't pretend to be anything else, all of which means that they haul cargo and tow loads whenever asked to do so. The 2.3L B2300 sips gas at 21 mpg city/26 mpg highway, while the 4.0L B4000 impresses with a 5,600 pound towing capacity.

B2300 Pickup-4 Cyl.-5 Spd.

Base 2WD
SE-5 2WD

B4000 Pickup-V6-5 Spd.-4WD

Base Cab Plus 4D 4WD
SE Cab Plus 4D 4WD (AT)