2008 Lexus LS 600h L Values

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2008 model year changes

For 2008, Lexus's new luxury flagship, the LS600h L, joins the standard-length LS460 and extended-length LS460 L (which were all-new for 2007), and competes with the most exclusive V12 "supersedans" from Mercedes-Benz and BMW. With a high-tech hybrid powertrain underhood, along with all-wheel drive, the LS600h L goes for a different crowd--of affluent buyers who are environmentally conscious.

Competitive comparison

High-tech, high-roller image; fuel efficiency; very spacious, luxurious interior; exclusivity; all-weather traction.

Special features for 2008

According to Lexus, the 2008 LS600h L features the world's first full V8, all-wheel-drive hybrid drivetrain; it provides performance that's similar to that of the top German luxury cars, yet has a combined fuel economy of over 20 mpg. It's also among the best of any car for back-seat space, and offers several high-tech features not otherwise seen in some of the most exclusive competitors, such as the advanced parking guidance system, which helps the car "steer itself" into parking spots.