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I have found a 2008 Ford Mustang GT500KR that is still brand new (never been sold, never been in service, still has a full warranty), but I cannot find a new car value on the vehicle, due to its age, and trim. How would I go about finding a new car value on the vehicle?

The vehicle in question had an MSRP of $45,820 new, but since the dealership is asking ~$82k for the vehicle that really doesn’t matter at this point. NADAguides values are designed and intended to assist users in performing their own valuation of a particular used vehicle. The process by which users of NADAguides determine valuation is inherently subjective. Individual vehicles may have an actual value that is higher or lower than the estimated values created by NADAguides. You would be purchasing a one of a kind, quasi-collectible Mustang that no guide would do justice to.