2008 Ford F-150 Values

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2008 model year changes

Ford's F-150 pulls into 2008 with only minor changes. Two new models--the Lariat Limited, and the XL SuperCrew--join the F-150 lineup for 2008, and a new Wheels and Stripes Package is available to dress up the mid-range STX. Additionally, a tachometer is now standard on XL and STX models with manual transmission, manual-telescoping trailer-tow mirrors are available with the XLT and Lariat Chrome Packages, and a remote start system is now available as a factory option. There's also a new factory-installed Cargo Management System available on any F-150 with the 6.5-foot Styleside box. It uses side rails, bins, and crossbars that hold up to 100 pounds, ideal for hanging skis or fishing poles. Individual tool bins can also function as coolers. A single key can be used for all the bins. Two new exterior colors, Stone Green and Mahogany (King Ranch only), join the lineup.

Competitive comparison

Reputation for durability; towing and hauling ability; range of models for specific uses.

Special features for 2008

The 2008 Ford F-150 has the widest range of body configurations in the industry, according to Ford, and has a tow rating of up to 11,000 pounds and payload capacity of up to 3,050 pounds. Ford also says that there are more Ford trucks on the road with more than 250,000 miles.

2008 Ford F-150 FAQ

I have a 2008 F150 Harley Supercrew with a Saleen Supercharger. The supercharger was a $6,700 option that increased the horsepower to 450. Where can I find a value for this add-on?


NADAguides makes no attempt to track sales or quantify a value on the Saleen Supercharger on your particular vehicle. For the most part, NADAguides makes no attempt to track non-OEM equipment, with a few exceptions such as running boards and bed liners, although our intent is to value the OEM version of these options. We however value these options between $50 and $100 and they have a proven history of value add in that range. I couldn’t speculate what a supercharger would do to the value of the truck, but I would imagine it would be more than $50-$100. I would assume you think the same, otherwise you wouldn’t have written. It’s the same reason we don’t value lift kits, super off-road tires, etc.



There are hundreds of thousands of possible options from OEM’s in the used market for which we make no value distinction. That is not to say that because an option is not specifically mentioned by NADAguides it does not add value to a particular vehicle, it simply means that NADAguides makes no attempt to quantify its value. Post-OEM build options such as your Saleen upgraded (not technically Dealer Installed) F150 are also not valued at this time, and there are no plans to start including them.

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