2008 Ferrari 430 Values

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2008 model year changes

The popular Ferrari F430 sees a few changes for 2008. The interior has been restyled for improved driver ergonomics, with a new instrument binnacle and more centralized driver controls on the steering wheel. Additionally, the F430 Challenge racer has been dropped in favor of the new F430 Scuderia model. The Scuderia is essentially a street version of the Challenge, boasting 510 hp, which is up 20 hp from the standard F430. The Scuderia's interior is stripped of creature comforts, and the car weighs 220 lb less than the standard F430. It also employs a revised suspension and Ferrari's latest racing-derived electronic gizmos to improve performance. The Scuderia is priced at around $257,500.

Competitive comparison

Exotic Ferrari styling; extreme racecar-like performance; Entry-level Ferrari model.

Special features for 2008

The 2008 F430 is Ferrari's current mid-engine, V8-powered supercar, and it provides quicker performance than more expensive Ferrari models of just a few years ago. The F430 is, in every way a super car, but it is Ferrari's entry-level model, with pricing starting at $186,925. This price buys a piece of the exceptional handling, blistering performance, and automotive racing heritage Ferrari has spent the last 60 years cultivating.