2007 Porsche Boxster Values

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2007 model year changes

Thanks to Porsche's VarioCam Plus technology, power has jumped on the 2007 Boxster to 245 horsepower, while the Boxster S is now rated at 295. The optional Tiptronic S transmission has been updated with revised, quicker gearshift action. Also for 2007 the access for the oil and antifreeze fillers has been hidden under a small hatch in the rear trunk, thus freeing up a few more precious cubic inches in the cargo area.

Competitive comparison

Fun, nimble, and sporty; speedy convertible top; available high performance.

Special features for 2007

The 2007 Porsche Boxster is pure driving pleasure, while the Boxster S elevates the roadster's essence to one of exhilaration. The electric convertible top is one of the quickest and most efficient in the industry, and the engine and gearbox both conspire to make you feel as though you are a better driver than you thought possible. Braking from the four-wheel, ABS equipped discs is astounding. You could almost call the Boxster twins practical, too, with nearly 10 cubic feet of storage space split between the front are rear trunks.

Boxster-6 Cyl.-5/6 Spd.

Roadster 2D
Roadster 2D S
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